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Welcome to the online home of travel columnist Donald D. Groff, who has dispensed advice  and stories since 1988 in such publications as the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Newark Star-Ledger, The Kansas City Star, Newsday, Salon, Condé Nast Traveler, Consumer Reports Travel Letter, The Boston Globe, and Endless Vacation magazine.

Just back from . . . 
Around the seaside village of Casares, fish rules the economy and the cuisine, from big red snapper to tiny sardinas.
A child grips a small barracuda (above); red snapper bound for the processing plant (right). Above, even the Spanish-speaking residents of Casares call them yellowtails.
When the lanchas return, all pitch in to transfer the  haul and move the boats away from the surf's reach.  


Kids & animals

All over Nicaragua, children's faces break into smiles at the sight of a camera, and they often implore "photo, photo." Pets and other animals pop up frequently, such as this parrot outside a kitchen door (tasting pineapple) and a resort's monkey.

A village pig tracked through sand to the waterline, where he nosed garbage before plopping down to let the waves wash over him. When a boy nudged him with his foot, the pig slowly rose and meandered away. 


On the streets of Managua


Managua streets bustle like a beehive. Resolute squeegee boys pounce at intersections. Vendors (below) prowl the white line.



Other destinations: 
 St. Louis & England; NYC Halloween; Maine; Georgia kangaroos; California; Flight 93 memorial; Atlanta; Nicaragua; London/Notting Hill




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