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                                  skateboarding dog, Manly Beach, Australia
Welcome to the online home of travel columnist Donald D. Groff, who has dispensed advice  and stories since 1988 in such publications as the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Newark Star-Ledger, The Kansas City Star, Newsday, Salon, Condé Nast Traveler, Consumer Reports Travel Letter, The Boston Globe, and Endless Vacation magazine.

Just back from . . . 
All photos ©Donald D. Groff except as otherwise credited

Casares, Nicaraguatraditional sculpture, managua

Casares is a tiny fishing village on the Pacific coast about two hours southwest of Managua. Each morning when the fishermen return, the beach becomes a frenzy of activity as coolers are emptied of fish, catches are appraised and carried to nearby market stalls, motors are removed from 

During this trip in early 2003, a drama unfolded in Nicaragua and Costa Rica involving a 9-year-old whose rape resulted in a pregnancy. The story is recounted in the 2005 documentary Rosita. 

the boats, and the boats are hauled ashore using an ancient tool: log rollers. With the sound of surf as background music, the beach is simultaneously workplace, playground and social gathering spot, filled with frolicking children, soccer players, and a meandering pig or two.

children running past pig on beach at Casares, Nicaragua
A typical morning in Casares -- fishing, frolic and a pig.

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  girl w fish casares30077.jpg (108724 bytes)   lobster-w.jpg (59417 bytes)face-w.jpg (61576 bytes) snapper-w.jpg (52996 bytes) Teen flips into water as surf crashes against pool
A teen flips into the water as surf spills over a public pool north of Casares.

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