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Welcome to the online home of travel columnist Donald D. Groff, who has dispensed advice  and stories since 1988 in such publications as the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Newark Star-Ledger, The Kansas City Star, Newsday, Salon, Condé Nast Traveler, Consumer Reports Travel Letter, The Boston Globe, and Endless Vacation magazine.

Just back from . . . 
All photos ©Donald D. Groff except as otherwise credited

Notting HillStationary mime, Portobello Market, London

Big Ben with double decker bus in foregroundAnyone who has seen the movie "Notting Hill" already has some idea why
this once-bohemian part of London has developed a cachet of its own.

Elegant townhomes like those that housed Hugh Grant's gang surround gated private parks, while commercial streets thrive with first-rate shops and restaurants.

Among the most celebrated is Portobello Road, lined with antiques stores, pubs and clothiers. It is best known for its Saturday market, which stretches for from the Notting Hill Gate tube stop more than a mile downhill then back up, changing personalities several times -- antiques, food, fashion.

Big Ben

Detail of Peter Pan statue, Kensington Gardens  Trafalgar Square French Expo at Haymarket exhibit hallOrganic market, Saturdays in Notting Hill  Mary & Nick on walk in Notting Hill  Portobello Market, Saturdays in Notting Hill  

Millennium Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral  Churchill Arms Pub, Notting Hill  wee-car-w.jpg (41475 bytes)  

 postbox_watercolor.jpg (53231 bytes) London post box, watercolor by Michael Arnold

London in winterDog walker in Kensington Gardens
London's winter weather is usually deemed "blah," but in early 2003 it proved to be positively uplifting compared to the chill and snow dogging the Northeast. Despite a couple of unusual snowy days in the British capital,  U.S. visitors found the overcast skies and temps in the high 40s a welcome contrast to the subfreezing pattern back home.  Adding to the atmosphere was the political tussle over Iraq between Tony Blair and, it seemed, most of his constituents.

Other destinations: 
Maine; Georgia kangaroos; California; Flight 93 memorial; Atlanta; Nicaragua


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