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Welcome to the online home of travel columnist Donald D. Groff, who has dispensed advice  and stories since 1988 in such publications as the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Newark Star-Ledger, The Kansas City Star, Newsday, Salon, Condé Nast Traveler, Consumer Reports Travel Letter, The Boston Globe, and Endless Vacation magazine.

This potpourri includes books that are hot off the presses, focus on little-covered destinations, and/or handle their topics especially well. Some just scratch an itch. (Click for larger image.)

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Uber-photographer Bob Krist roams the world shooting travel images, so when he produces a book set in his own back yard, you can expect something extraordinary. Our friend from Bucks County, Pa., delivers with Down the Shore: A Photo Tour of the Jersey Coast (Old Mill Productions, 2005). The Jersey Shore never looked better. The 12-by-10-inch book is packed with full-page and two-page spreads of photos that capture the Shore's touchstone images as well as some you'll probably never see -- such as the man being smeared with what looks like greasy swamp mud in a Pine Barrens camouflage class. In a rarity for photo books, this one has a map to help holiday planners match the photos to towns they might want to drop in on, lured by the rich images. 

A percentage of the cost of any book purchased through this search box goes to the support of this site.

Eat Smart in Peru, Ginkgo Press, 2006Eat Smart in Peru is the latest in a series of dining, menu and market food books from Ginkgo Press. By Joan Peterson and Brook Soltvedt.
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Boston to Jacksonville, mile by mile.  Travelsmart, 2005shop Charleston, Savannah & the Coastal Islands. Countryman Press, 2004 Alabama, Mississippi & Florida's Panhandle. 
Fodor's, 2004
A couple's primer and diary for a one-year ramble by RV. 
RLI Press
, 2004
Latest guide to a fascinating subcontinent.  Fodor's, 2005   Places to find nature, without the heavy lifting. First edition.  Fodor's,  2004 
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Most colorful guide to a most colorful state. Insight Guides, 2004 Rick Steves lends his user-friendly touch to an undervisited destination. Avalon, 2004 Think Wyeth, DuPont, bucolic vistas -- and QVC tours. All neatly documented. Stackpole, 2004 Highlights with photos & Web sites. Easy to digest. Oyster Press, 2004 Part of a new series devoted to weekend getaways. 24 destinations plus pit stops. Fodor's, 2004   Western Massachusetts, detailed like a Rockwell painting. Countryman Press, 2004 
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Guide to outdoor adventures high and low.
  Hunter, 2004
Like Brazil itself,  inviting and lush. Concise and slick as well. 
  Knopf, 2004
Know before you go -- or use it to prepare authentic cuisine at home. Ginkgo Press, 2004 Comprehensive & well-mapped guide to wartime London.    Ulysses, 2004 Guide to romantic travel in a state with a sizzling pulse. 
 Hunter, 2004
It's all here -- from Cromwell to Camilla Parker-Bowles. Independent Int'l., 2004
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Deep piles of what to know, where to go.  Rough Guides, 2003 Animal savvy for the planning stages. Insight Guides,  2003 Peach sweet: Atlanta, Savannah,  Okefenokee. Ulysses,  2003 Just in time for bicentennial retracings.    Fodor's, 2003 The new Road Trip  series: Route 1, Route 66, Napa wine road. Lonely Planet, 2003 The full family spin on Kauai; part of a new series. Ulysses, 2003
13-colonies-lg.jpg (57241 bytes) Europe-Itineraries.jpg (73449 bytes) Hello-Paris.jpg (71899 bytes) LP-Rite.jpg (49330 bytes) Rough-World.jpg (52122 bytes) Play-Hard.jpg (46504 bytes)
Historical tourism in the original 13. Fodor's, 2003 Going the Grand Tour one better. Fodor's, 2003 Updated lodging  guide, firsthand reports.  Wilson Pub., 2003 Flashbacks from Euro rambles. Lonely Planet, 2003 Let Lansky be your compass. Rough Guide, 2003 Walking the wild side in New England. Walkabout, 2001

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Mexico's-Pacific-Coast----L.gif (52919 bytes) Shopping-in-New-York.gif (63269 bytes) The-Good-Pub-Guide-2003.gif (63705 bytes) Weekending-in-New-England--.gif (70464 bytes) The-Best-Places-You've-Neve.gif (45230 bytes)

Sizzling city in your palm; a map-guide series. Knopf, 2003

500 miles of coastline get the LP treatment.  Lonely Planet, 2003 So many stores, so little time. 
 Insight Guides, 2003
 Work up a thirst, then grab this UK guide. Rough Guides, 2003  22 New England  getaways of 2 to 4 days.
 Countryman, 2003
 42 small museums in Pennsylvania. Penn State Press, 2003
Africa's Top Wildlife Countries -- Mark Nolting.jpg (27599 bytes) Long-Island-Alive!----Franc.gif (58536 bytes) Frank-Lloyd-Wright-Field-Gu.gif (54216 bytes) Prague----Insight-Guides.gif (48774 bytes) World-Food-series----Lonely.gif (52353 bytes) The-Underground-Guide-to-Lo.gif (70279 bytes)

Nolting is the Lion King. Global Travel Pub.,  2003

Complete guides to L.I. are rare.  
Hunter, 2003
Thick & palm-size;  friends will say "Wow!" Running Press, 2003 The old city never looked better. Insight Guides, 2003 A delicious cuisine series, like eating dessert. Lonely Planet Youthfully hip. Irreverent. Underground. Manic D Press, 2002
Great-American-Drives-of-th.gif (78143 bytes) Las-Vegas-&-the-Desert----I.gif (66287 bytes) The-Complete-Guide-to-Bed-&.gif (55038 bytes) Watch-It-Made-in-the-USA---.gif (70423 bytes) The-Globel-Etiquette-Guide-.gif (36762 bytes) Mongolia.gif (51457 bytes)
Itinerary you imagined is already here. Fodors,  2002 Boomtown captured. Insight Guides,  2003 Gives the Web a run for its money. urls included. Lanier Guide,2003 THE guide to factory tours. Avalon, 2002 What not to say at dinner.  Wiley,
A vast & extreme land, duly noted. W.W. Norton, 2002

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